Helping you move from surviving to thriving in today’s museum marketplace.

It’s not your imagination. The museum marketplace has expanded dramatically in recent years, with an average of 700 museums operating in every state.

This increase in competition can lead to negative outcomes for your institution, including a decrease in attendance figures leading to lower revenues. Worst-case scenario? Closing the doors forever.

To address these challenges and ensure that your museum not only survives but thrives, you need to step back and take a fresh look at what you are doing. That’s where we come in.

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About Us

Majher Museum Marketing is an alliance of strategic thinkers and creative doers with decades of experience serving cultural organizations like yours. 


Strategic Services


We offer you a wide range of services to help bring more visitors to your door.


Creative Capabilities

Moving from analysis to action, we can also help you develop and produce your museum marketing must-haves.


Unique Advantages

Our clients value our strategic and creative work as well as the intangibles we provide.